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Cryogenics Storage Tanks Handling the freezing-cold liquids, namely cryogenics, requires many features of the tanks to be improved by close collaboration with leading industrial gas companies. The cryogenic vertical tanks are perlite insulated or super insulated for long term storage of cryogenic liquified gases under pressure and their withdrawal in gaseous or liquid state. Thanks to strong relations with the gas industry, Karbonsan uses its expertise to manufacture user-friendly and long-lasting LIN/LOX/LAR tanks for the gas industry.

With the excellence in design and manufacture, the tanks manufactured by Karbonsan have proven their performance of insulation and competitive advantages for many customers around the world over the years. The capacities of tanks range between 1,8 m³ and 300 m³. The maximum allowable working pressure for cryogenic liquified gases such as liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon and liquid natural gas capacity ranges between 2 Bar to 35 Bar depending on application.

By our versatile design, high flow and fast filling characteristics and capability of manual and automatic working alternatives and low maintenance costs, our tanks are preferred in domestic and international markets.

Cryogenics Storage Tanks  The thermosyphon tanks are mostly preferred for cylinder filling purposes. Karbonsan designs and manufactures the thermosyphon tanks considering the user needs and difficulties encountered on site. Thus, the tanks provide a reliable and efficient cylinder filling ability and decline at the losses and pump maintenance costs. Using the same technology, Karbonsan manufactures CNG Tanks as well.
Liquid Gases

LPG, carbon dioxide, anhydrous ammonia, buthane and propane can be mentioned as liquid gasesMainly LPG, carbon dioxide, anhydrous ammonia, buthane and propane can be mentioned as liquid gases.

LPG tanks are manufactured as above-ground or under-ground type. The design temperature for LPG tanks is -10°C/ +50°C. The LPG tanks are cleaned inside out, externally blasted and coated. While paying a special attention to manufacturing and testing process of the LPG tanks, the reliability of accessories used in the tanks and the painting applied need to be paid special attention as well, for long-lasting products.

LPG, carbon dioxide, anhydrous ammonia, buthane and propane can be mentioned as liquid gasesCO2 tanks are single walled, PUR insulated and aluminium plated. The operating pressure can be selected low, medium or high depending on application or preference. The tanks are equipped with safety valves, heaters, load-cell, weighing systems and cooling unit. Optionally, they can be equipped with additional cooling units and safety valves in extra-ordinary cases.

Karbonsan offers NH3, C3H8, C4H10 tanks as well as LPG and CO2 tanks in wide variety of sizes for a wide variety of options. Even though the basics are similar, there are many points differing from one gas to another we have to care about.
Process Equipment and Petroleum Products

Process Equipment and Petroleum Products Karbonsan has been manufacturing equipments for the chemical and petrochemical sector for many years. Process equipments and pressurized vessels such as buffer tanks, seperators, heat exchangers, various liquid tanks, sand & water tanks, filtration tanks etc. are to be manufactured by close cooperation with customers to match their requirements and their complete satisfaction. As long as it is in our capability, Karbonsan is ready to cooperate for your custom designed tank and process equipment requests in compliance with the requested norm and standards. The selection of materials, the accurate controls of both the components and finished products, the careful non-destructive tests, the intermediate and final inspection, the special care taken over the heat treatments, enable Karbonsan to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and of national and international inspection boards.

Process Equipment and Petroleum Products Karbonsan manufactures single wall and double wall tanks to store petroleum products under ground and above ground. The capacity of such tanks generally ranges from 3.000 liters to 100.000 liters. The tanks used for petroleum products storage need to be strenghtened against corrosion considering the corrosive effects of the soil, humidity and the product stored.

Bitumen tanks and asphalt tanks as well as gasoline, diesel and fuel oil tanks are available in Karbonsanís product range.

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