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cryogenicConsidering their densities, cryogenic semi-trailers and truck mounted fixed chassis rigid tankers are designed for the maximized transport of liquefied cryogenic gases; LIN, LOX, LAR and LNG.

As the payload of semi-trailers has a substantial impact on profitability, Karbonsan tries to do its best to provide its customers the highest possible capacity without compromising safety and durability. Karbonsan designs semi-trailers with excellent rollover stability and handling with lower centre of gravity, lighter tare, shorter length and wide wheel base.

Super multi-layer insulation and designing the tanker considering the gas which the customer intends to use are also critical issues to reach the optimum design, this way the product in the semi-trailer can be stored for extended periods without venting through the boil-off. The investment pays itself sooner than you imagine.

cryogenic Truck Mount, Fixed Chassis Rigid Tankers are designed for the safe distribution of small and medium volumes of liquefied cryogenic gases; LIN, LOX, LAR and available in 8,000 to 15,700 liter versions.

The filling can be done by either pressure transfer or use of a centrifugal pump. Ergonomic and durable design provides Karbonsanís customers a care-free operation for years. The simple pipework layout of the rigid tankers minimize the potential risk for leaks.

Carbon Dioxide

carbon dioxideAs the characteristics of carbon dioxide are different than cryogenics, the design temperature for carbon dioxide semi-trailers and rigid tankers is -50°C / +50°C. This interval allows the PUR insulation to be used effectively for the carbon dioxide mobile units, as well.

It is possible to use PUR insulated mobile units without facing any disadvantages, as long as the trip duration, waiting time on site and outside temperatures are not extreme. It is advisable to prefer investing in cryogenic semi-trailers or fixed chassis rigid tankers, in case such extreme cases are commonly faced during the CO2 transportation to the customers.

The shorter loading and unloading times, user-ergonomy, proven design and durable accessories provide exceptional advantages to Karbonsan semi-trailers and rigid tankers.

The mobile units are mostly equipped with cooling unit, dual relief valves and a transfer pump. While rigid tankers provide cost efficiency, semi-trailers provide logistics efficiency.

All Karbonsan designs are versatile and adjustable to conform to different national standards. Maintenance is simplified with highly accessible equipment panel and the piping instrumentation design assures maximum efficiency and safety.

Also, Karbonsan provides its customers the highest possible capacity without compromising safety and durability, paying back their investments earlier than planned.

carbon dioxide

KARBONSAN LCO2 semi-trailer series

*Maximum volume and transport capacity is presented to our customers by modifying the gross weight of
   the vehicle according to the permitted payload capacity in the subject country.

*Our LCO2 semi-trailers are designed in compliance with -50 / +50 working temperature and with a working
  pressure of between 20 - 24 bar depending on the customer request.

*The insulation thickness is designed by considering the most extreme temperature of the country where the tank
   will function and is filled with 42 density nonflammable polyurethane and lastly covered with aluminium plates.

*Insulation heads may be manufactured as an unique part thanks to zeppelin or fiberglass which is more flexible.

*The connection between the tank and chassis is made by bolts.In case of an accident,the maintenance and the reparation is easier.

* An excellent mountage and insulation system is enabled to prevent any heat transfer between the tank and the chassis,.

*All equipments to be used on the tank are “CE” certified.During the process of sending offer,manufacturers and the brands of
  equipments to be used on the tank are explained and the manufacturing commences after the customer selection on the proper equipments.

*As per the preferred manufacturing standard,all materials,welders and material manufacturers are certified and the
  project of  the tank is approuved by the notified body which is TUV – SUD.

*Upon the product delivery,the product file is also sent to customer.All tests ( destructive and non-destructive test,cold
   pressure tests,leakage tests etc.) are presented in this file and approuved by TUV-SUD.

*The customer has the right to choose his own inspection company.

*The customer has the right to attend any test at any stage of the manufacturing phase.

*The liquid line is designed from the bottom part of the tank and in a way to support the pump with its own flow.

*The cabin is fiberglass and it is a standard.In case of any accident,it can be supplied to the customer as a spare part.

*Electrical,pneumatical and all signalization systems are designed and manufactured as per the standard’s requirements.

*The tank supplies a faster charging and discharging.


LPG Semi-Trailers and rigid tankersBecause of its flammable nature, the safety becomes more important for LPG. The cylindrical shape, like in other pressure vessels provides a safety to store and transport liquids kept under pressure. The accessories used at LPG semi-trailer and rigid tank are selected with care to provide a safe, long-lasting and user-friendly usage while considering air and environment protection.

As LPG has a lighter density compare to many other liquid gases, the capacity of LPG semi-trailer and rigid tank capacities are comperatively higher. The lighter body weight adds value to this advantage. Thus, LPG has lower unit transportation costs compare to other liquified gases.

LPG Semi-Trailers and rigid tankers The design pressure used for LPG Semi-Trailers and rigid tankers 17,5 Bar and the design temperature is between -20°C and +70°C.

The LPG semi-trailer and rigid tankers can be equipped with emergency discharge valves, manometer, temperature indicators; diesel, electrical or ex-proof hydromotor pumping system, liquid and phase level indicator.
Petroleum Products

semi-trailers and the rigid tankers using aluminium platesKarbonsan can manufacture semi-trailers and the rigid tankers using aluminium plates and St. 37-2 sheets. The capacity of the semi-trailers and the rigid tankers differ from country to country depending on the payload limits traffic regulation permits and the norms applied.

The semi-trailers and rigid tankers are tested after completion of production. The semi-trailers and rigid tankers have compartments to allow flexibility in carriage of different type of products at the same trip and one manhole cover is assembled to each independent compartment.

We can manufacture up to 45.000 liter capacity of semi-trailers which are suitable for bottom and top loading system for diesel, gasoline and JET A1. Tankers can be equipped with over-filling sensing units, scaling systems, heating system, type valve for discharge, hydro-motor for fast discharge and hose carriers.

semi-trailers and the rigid tankers using aluminium plates If it is intended to lower the unit transportation costs, it is advisable to use special alloy aluminium body and upgraded chassis material properties to reach higher capacities for countries having stricter traffic regulations and requesting tankers in accordance with ADR norms.
Chemicals and Foodstuff

stainless steel semi-trailer and rigid tankersGenerally speaking, intermodal solutions are more suitable with the nature of chemicals industry as they require more flexible mode of transportation. For this reason, containers are more widely used compared to semi-trailers and fixed chassis rigid tankers.

The material used for the inner vessel is mostly stainless steel for semi-trailer and rigid tankers. But this may change to carbon steel, titanium etc. depending on the liquid to be stored. Pre-painted aluminium and stailess steel cladding can be used for the tanks as well. Multi-compartment, specialized heating and cooling systems configurations are available upon request. Truck Mount, Fixed Chassis Rigid Tankers are designed for the local distribution of small and medium volumes of various chemicals and food products.

stainless steel semi-trailer and rigid tankersThe loading and unloading can be done by either pressure transfer or by means of a centrifugal pump. It requires a close cooperation with the customer and needs vast experience to manufacture semi-trailers and rigid tankers for chemicals and food industry, as the transportation operations for hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals and foodstuff have many implications.

As the payload of semi-trailers has a substantial impact on profitability, Karbonsan can provide custom-built tanks for transportation of chemicals and foodstuff considering the density of the products to reach optimized capacity.

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